Re: [CR]How To ID a UO-8 or PX-10

Example: Framebuilders

Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 22:40:21 -0500
From: Jerry & Liz Moos <>
To: Mark Bulgier <>
Cc:, "'Don Andersen'" <>, "'Russ Fitzgerald'" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]How To ID a UO-8 or PX-10
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You're right about the fork crown - the one on the bike is not from a PX-10. PX-10's did indeed have a crown with epaulets like you show on the Gitane. If the decal says the bike is full 531 and if the rear stays are half chromed, I suspect someone replaced the fork with one from a lesser Peugeot model or from another French model.


Jerry Moos

Mark Bulgier wrote:
> Thanks Russ F and Don A for the info.
> After posting my query I found the PX-10 database at:
> In many of the photos it's hard to tell what crown is used, but the one that
> I *can* tell is the same as mine is:
> This PR-10 has painted rear dropouts though, where mine has half-chrome.
> Mine has different decals too.
> The database says "Around 1970, Peugeot began stamping the [serial number]
> on an aluminum plate which was riveted to the underside of the bottom
> bracket shell." Mine has the two holes where the plate used to be riveted,
> so I guess I have a ~70 or a bit later. As Russ says, it's pre-74 as it has
> the Reynolds decal on the seat tube.
> No sign of a seam on the back of the fork blades, so they could be Reynolds.
> Or the decals could lie - there's a decal that says "Inoxydable" yet this
> thing is a rustbucket!


> Mark Bulgier