Re: [CR]to squeeze or not to squeeze? that is the question...

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C. Andrews wrote:
>I'm sure this has been asked and answered more than once here...but,
>is there some dire consequence to putting a 126mm sized rear axle
>into a 130mm spaced rear triangle, and light squeezing the stays
>together at the drop-outs when you tighten the quick-release?
>I know, I know. I could get a 130mm sized axle and use spacers.

Actually, you don't need to replace the axle. The typical 137 mm axle commonly used for 126 mm hubs is plenty long enough for use spaced to 130. You'll still have 3.5 mm of axle sticking out on each side, more than enough.

The best way to do this would be to add a 4 mm spacer on the left, then reduce the wheel dishing. This will result in a stronger wheel, and will keep the derailer close enough to the cluster.

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