RE: [CR]OT: eBay etiquette?

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Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 22:30:00 -0500
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I share Jerry's approach.

Jill DiMauro Maryland

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My personal rule is, if I have only a mild interest, like I don't really need it, but it seems cheap, I won't bid. If I really need it, I may email the other member to see how strong his interest is. Maybe the guy with the lesser need will bow out. If we both absolutely have to have it, then let the best man win.


Jerry Moos wrote:
> I think the winning bidder should sell it to the loser for what they bid and
> lose money. And let em sleep with your sister while you're at it.
> Come on you guys! Its America, and the free market system in action!
> Bid however you need to to get what you want. The hell with the other guy.
> Ted, selling on ebay right now. Did you bid yet?
> I used to have etiquette before the new (now new II) economy touched me.