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Carlo, Flandria had a very prominent pro cycling team in the late 60's and the 70's. Eddy Merckx's good friend Freddy Maerteens was for several years the star of the squad, which also featured the prominent rider Micheal Pollentier, who unfortunately was a rather notorious doper. Frandria was probably the best known Belgian-made bike of that era. There are a number of photos of Maerteens, Pollentier and other squad members on Flandrias in Merckx's photo book "The Wonderful World of Cycling". The bikes pictured are Campy NR/SR equipped and seem to be pretty typical pro racing bikes of the time. I'm guessing the team models were 531, though it's possible they were Columbus. I would think a Campy equipped 531 model would be well worth having, though Flandria definitely made some lower end models as well. I think someone stated in a post a few months ago that Galmozzi actually built the Frandria-marked frame for one of the stars of the team. I think I would investigate the bike for sale and pick it up if it were a top model cheap in my size.


Jerry Moos

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Stumbled upon a Flandria for sale cheap this weekend -- advertised as 70s vintage, all original, purchased then rarely ridden. I know nothing of these

and was hoping someone might steer me to a source for information. Dale's site has some photos and Sheldon's site has only one brief comment. This indicates to me that the Flandria was no great shakes, but perhaps I've found the Flandria Holy Grail? :)

Going out to see it this morning.... Taking the pickup truck -- in case I need to visit the landfill on the way home.


Carlo Carr
New Orleans