Re: [CR]How to reattach base tape of NOS sew-ups?

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Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 07:42:00 -0800
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Subject: Re: [CR]How to reattach base tape of NOS sew-ups?

>On a related matter, a tire I glued on last fall with Tubasti pulled
>right off, and the cement was dried out and crumbly. Should I try a
>different cement, or did sitting near the furnace all winter do it?

If you want a glue that holds fast and hard for 6 months use 3M Fastack. If you want a gule that can be taken on and off nothing works better than the fine red Clement stuff. If you want something inbetween I'd recommend the Continental in the brush can. For basetape I just use a medium glue like the Continental or Tubasti. If your tires are comming off easily use more layers of glue. On a new tire or rim I use 3 very thin layers on each and let them sit up from 4 to 24 hours than I apply one wet layer and get the tire one. Now inflate to 130psi and make sure everything is aligned and seated and let it set up over night. If you do this your tires will stick and won't just peel off and you'll always have a good base of glue. Some people may say this it too much work, bbut I'm a professional and have nounted thousands of tires with a 0% roll-off record. This is also one of the reasons I've switched to clinchers, but will still mount tires for a six-pack for friends, and $30 for customers. Oh one last thing, don't mix glues.

enjoy, Brandon Ives AKA monkeyman

PS: for you home tinkerers did you see the practice lug brazing kits $25 at my spring sale?

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