Re: [CR]Cinelli Speciale Corsa Question (LONG)

Example: Framebuilders:Chris Pauley

Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 17:16:35 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Cinelli Speciale Corsa Question (LONG)

Hello Scott. I think the names are interchangeable and can be found on the same frames. It seems that I've seen more Speciale Corsas from the 60s. There are other differences that make vintage Cinellis interesting. It seems that most of the earlier Cinellis had a nut and bolt seatpost binders rather than the twin allen bolts and the torpedo in the middle, as found on 70s frames. I think some owners of 70s bikes may have switched to the bolt/nut set-up because it tends to be a more secure. Early 50s frames had a collar and a seatcluster just like an old Frejus.

Another interesting detail is the use of different headtube lugs. Frames from the early 50s and 60s may have used Bianchisque headtube lugs (no intergal HS though). And of course the frames from the 70s seemed to have the lugs drilled out, not all though. The Riviera townbike had a very ornate lugset. Not all bikes had chrome and badges. The old badges from the 50s where larger than the brass badges from the 60s and aluminum from the 70s. Whats kinda cool about the 50s badge is that Bianchi celeste is used on the shield. Cinelli used a flat crown on the Mod B. An ornate and not so ornate, semi-sloping crown was also used. The Riviera had a fancy semi-sloping crown. Campag and Simplex drop outs where used as well as what appears to be stamped drop outs on the Riviera. With all this said, I must conclude that with most custom buiders, Cinelli would probably build what ever you wanted, so long as it wasnt too crazy. There is a certain Cinelli Formula- Once you thought you have seen it all, along comes a wild card: "Everything You Know is Wrong". Best Wishes,

Dave Martinez
                                                               (Cinelli owner)