Re: [CR]Hub gears with narrow spacing

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Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 20:59:59 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Hub gears with narrow spacing

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> If I get such a hub, would the modern S/A 3-speed trigger work for the older

The Close and Medium range 3-speed S/A hubs shift with the same amount of cable throw as the more common Wide range hubs, so the shifters are all identical in effect. In order to shift a 4-speed hub, you need a 4-speed shifter (and some consistant good luck), and I don't know any way around that.

I have recently aquired a 5-speed S/A hub and it uses two shifters, very '60s looking things with lots of shiny silvery stuff and black plastic knobs on the ends - kind of a cross between a downtube shifter set and sports car stickshifts. Son Aaron snapped off one of the cable stops and I am trying to get the courage up to get it repaired.

Glenn Jordan - Durham, NC