[CR]Cirque 2001 report

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Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 07:42:23 -0400
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: Tom Hayes <hayesbikes@mail.nls.net>
Subject: [CR]Cirque 2001 report

For me, the third Cirque I attended was the best, particularly for learning and forgetting what I just learned, meeting listmembers, seeing and talking with others that I had met previously, seeing the variety of bikes, and for browsing the various tables.

Special thanks I think are deserved for Brian, Michael, and Allen, for making the trip, adding credibilty and value to the event, and for the information they so freely dispensed.

Unlike previous years, this year I bought little--control sometimes is not such a beautiful thing. I did think this year had more stuff than previous, though I'd have no way of measuring that, except by guessing. There certainly were more bikes for sale and a lot of interesting ones. (Harvey Sachs' Paramount still appears in the "mind's eye" like Hamlet's Ghost, warning me not to buy another Paramount.) And for me, the drive home on a late sunny afternoon through West Virgina is hard to match if one has to leave. (Sorry Larry, I love the place.)

To echo or repeat what Brian wrote in his summary of the Cirque, Dale Brown desrves special thanks. If one considers the growth (sometimes like a tumor) of the list, the providing of a forum for the members' common interest, the growth of the Cirque, his organization and logistical skills (that's my own special awe for anyone who can organize anything) in pulling off the event, Dale Brown gets, for whatever it's worth, my enthusiastic thanks.

And my own special award (to steal a title from a Tim O'Brien story) for "the Things they Carried" goes to Joe for stuffing and latching things to a Subaru that ought to deserve some type of recognition.

Thanks to all.



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