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Other French bikes had various Mafac brakes mounted via that rather small vertical hole in the rear bridge. The circa 1970 (or maybe late 60's) LeJeune tandem I showed at Cirque has a Mafac "RAID" caliper mounted in this manner.


Jerry Moos

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> Is "Tiger Racer" the brand or model name?
> It is a Intesphere brand "Tiger Racer" model.
> As to the brakes, my Peugeot has the rear brake (Mafac Racer) mounted using
> a little block with the bolt running vertically through the bridge and the
> caliper bolting onto the block. This is the original setup, not homemade.
> So two brakes are possible.

Yes, I have heard of this but not seen it. This hole is more like a fender mount hole though, I think. It is pretty thin.
> ounds like an interesting assortment of parts.
> Not sure how interesting the parts are. I defer to the more experienced list members on that. I generally toss steel cottered cranks in the dumpster, for example, though the ones with logos cut into them as spiders are neat looking - especially Humber's.

Glenn Jordan - Durham, NC