[CR]Cirque Reflections

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From: "Moos, Jerry" <jmoos@urc.com>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 18:33:40 -0400
Subject: [CR]Cirque Reflections

Like most others I thought this year's Cirque was the best yet. Enjoyed beautiful weather for the drive down from PA on Friday and back on Monday. The Saturday morning classic ride was a really great idea, even though, like Larry Osborn, I thought the pace was a bit more than "conversational". Not only does this ride bring the CR guys together, but it solves the problem of how to do a group ride and still have plenty of time to set up for the show and swap on Sunday morning. A lot of CRers skipped the Sunday ride or did a short ride last year to set up our display bikes or swap booths. This year we were able to get our riding in Saturday and do the other stuff on Sunday.

The seminars Saturday afternoon were a big hit, only next year maybe we should schedule fewer presentations to leave more time for eating and drinking Saturday evening. Mike Kone was up last and did a great job, but was kind of hurrying the presentation as everyone, including Mike, was getting hungry (and thirsty) by the end. The Spring Garden Brewery was great again, the only way to improve it would be if we could reserve an area with large tables where the entire group could sit together. Forgot to bring back last year's brewery mug with which one gets discounted refills, so I had to buy another, then left it, but retreived it again Sunday after the swap and show.

I enjoyed seeing the people from last year's show, including Ken Toda, with whom I now share the misery of being a Lambert owner (we traded Lambert horror stories). I got to meet other list members for the first time "in the flesh", including Brian Baylis, Mike Self, Joe Bender, Lou Deeter, Mark Poore, Charlie Young and Chuck Schmidt. I still managed to miss a couple of list members who were in attendance, including Amanda Graham - maybe I can introduce myself at Larz Anderson. Ray Etherton added an international flavour (note the British spelling) as well as an incredible sense of humour. I'm still laughing over his tales of biking adventures in the Greek islands.

I was determined to correct the poor French showing showing of last year, so I brought five French bikes to show, including a circa 1970 LeJeune tandem. Several others had the same thought and the French bikes were well represented this year with best French going to a certain pink (sorry, SALMON) Singer. I brought very little to sell, only two pairs of neat and NOS but too-small touring shoes which I donated to Jill's Sam Fitzsimmons benefit table, where Ken Toda bought one pair. Also brought a Cyclone GT RD to complete a trade with Joe Bender. Bought a very few items from Aldo and Joe, plus the Russ Fitzgerald "deal I couldn't refuse" and the cable clips I bought from Jeff Slotkin for the sum of one beer at Spring Garden. The one big purchase was a chrome Paramount from Sam Fitzsimmons himself, who had his own booth, besides the one for his benefit. He is a great guy and I can see why Jill, Larry Black and others think so highly of him. Thanks to Larry for processing the credit card to do this deal, as I hadn't anticipated buying something quite that expensive and hadn't brought that much cash. So I exceeded the budget with one purchase, but everyone needs at least one chrome Paramount, right?

I plan to be back next year, remembering to bring my souvenir Spring Garden mug this time, and I hope anyone who hasn't yet attended a Cirque will make it to the 2002 event.


Jerry Moos