RE: [CR]Need an Ita BB for NR/SR cranks

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Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 08:24:29 -0400

A lower cost alternative, and one more easily available in Italian thread than Sugino Mighty, would be the Sugino Maxy (bolt type) or other JIS standard Japanese BB. These are available in a variety of axle lengths in French, English or Italian cups. I think Sheldon will have these available. This is also a good solution for Stronglight cranks on French threaded frames, BTW. These also look more original from 10 feet away than the rather obvious Phil mounting rings. But if you aren't trying to look original and have the $$$, a Phil BB is available in any necessary length and thread and works great.


Jerry Moos

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Two good alternatives are Phil Wood cartridges and Sugino Mighty bb's. Campy NR/SR cranks have a different taper and thus need a different spindle from Japanese and newer Campagnolo product. In your area, Montrose Bike Shop would be a good store to go to for the Sugino bracket--the family that owns it also owns a wholesale company known for supplying older and out-of-production parts. Almost any bike store can order Phil Wood products.

David Feldman

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Subject: [CR]Need an Ita BB for NR/SR cranks

> Hello all,
> Can anybody tell me what makes for a good substitute for an Ita NR/SR
> bottom bracket? Currently plan is to run a pair of SR cranks on a '94 Masi
> 3V, and I need a bottom bracket for it. I figure the current triple
> cartridge bb would work, but I'm concerned about the Q factor.
> Do I need the offset to:
> a) clear the lip if I plan on using an SR front derail?
> b) what if i use a later model 8-9 sp front derail?
> Any help would be great.
> Doland