Re: [CR]1984 Masi with 50th Groupo

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Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 08:58:28 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]1984 Masi with 50th Groupo

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> I'm curious what you think this MASI will go for...
> Lots and lots of money. I'd guess the reserve price is $3,000 or more. Much more than I paid for the Tiger Racer, that's for sure !

I had never really seen a 50th Anniversity group on a bike, before seeing Lou Deeter's bike Saturday. My kids were asking me, "Daddy, is that Real Gold ?" I told them it was, of course. I am glad Lou has figured out a way to get a replacement crank bolt cover, so he won't lose his crank bolt on that side...

Looking at the picture of the front brake you mentioned, I note that it has not got the leather tab thing I've seen on some Campy Record brakes - the bit that is supposed to hold the adjuster screw in place more or less when the cable is not in place. Is that not an included part on the 50th group, or is it not supposed to be run with that in place, or you think the it just rotted off ?

Glenn Jordan - Durham, NC