[CR]FS: 1969 Chrome Paramount P-10

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Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 13:48:53 -0700
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: Joseph Bender-Zanoni <jfbender@umich.edu>
Subject: [CR]FS: 1969 Chrome Paramount P-10

Some people saw this at the Cirque and I'll say right up front it has an unorthodox frame repair. As chrome Paramounts will do, it cracked all around the base of the seat tube, just above the BB shell. At some point, I believe early in it's life, it was welded all around the crack. I have opened the BB and inspected the weld from the inside and it seems fully penetrated and a good job. Whoever welded it seems to know what they were doing as it looks quite tidy. This bike rides fine and looks as good as you will find but is being sold with absolutely no guarantee as to the integrity of the repair. That being said, here are the particulars:

Paramount P-10, built March 1969, 23" c-t or 57 X 57 c-c. Chrome with Prugnat lugs. The chrome is in outstanding condition as are all the bearings. No rust whatsoever. No decals on the frame, just the headbadge. In my estimation the bike has less that 500 miles. All Campagnolo Nuevo Record except for Wienmann 750 brakes. Cinelli Bar and Stem, Brooks Pro saddle. 175 mm cranks. 49 X 46, 14-28 half step gearing. Fiamme yellow label sew up rims, modern Vittoria Rally tires.

Other things that are less than perfect or original: New Dia-Compe hoods, Sedisport chain, Suntour freewheel, non-original but correct (to my knowledge) front derailleur, new logo and scratched bars, new logo stem.

This bike has first year Nuevo Record components- Pat. with no date R. derailleur, No date mark on the cranks, the pedals have metal caps with the toeclip loop. I presume it was early enough in the year to get 1968 components.

I am asking $600 plus shipping but please do not consider it if you are not willing to gamble that the repair will hold up.

Please feel free to call me at 734-769-5626 with any questions.