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I have a 1963 Chrome Paramount and a December 1972 (1973 model year) Chrome Paramount pictured @

The later bike was at the Cirque, so many of you may have seen it.

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> In the early sixties Schwinn would do some custom (out of the ordinary)
> chrome work. I bought my first Paramount track bike in the fall of 1963 and
> it arrived in Feb. 1964. I opted for only chrome head lugs on this bike, but
> was seriously thinking of having all the lugs chromed including the bottom
> bracket. At the 1963 Tour of Summerville Allen Grecio was riding a Pumpkin
> Orange track bike with all four lugs chromed of which I have a nice picture
> of, although it is only B&W. If there is any interest I can scan the photo
> and e-mail it to anyone interested. In 1963 the National Championships were
> in Northbrook, IL. My teammates and I were there for a week prior to the
> event. We took one day and went into Chicago to the Schwinn factory and
> Oscar Watson's bike shop, at which Jim Rossi (5 time National Sprint
> Champion) was a mechanic and there wrenching at the time. At Schwinn we got
> the grand tour including the Paramount shop and met Mr. Grecio, no relation
> to Allen. He told us that any custom work we would like to have done would
> be possible just give him a call prior to placing an order. I remember
> seeing fully chromed track bikes as well as road bikes during these years.
> Not sure of the P numbers though. Wasn't the P-14 track, P-15 road and so on
> for touring etc. or something to that effect?
> Mark, heading out the door to do 30 or so, Poore