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Subject: Re: [CR]Crank removal problem
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 03:39:04 +0200

Hi All!

I don't get into the talk much here, mostly because I'm playing with my bikes!

Anyway! There is the Cyclus crank repair tool set, It will remove and retap the threads to a size bigger, older Stronglight/TA? I've used it several times to save some cranksets!

There is a special guide post which must be clamped into a vise. This post will keep the special flat faced ''HOLLOW'' tap on track.

(1) Mount the crank to the special post as you would mount a crankset to a BB.

(2) Slide the special tap onto the post and tap away, using cutting oil of course!

(3) Crank is saved and can be reused.

The biggest problem is, which shop will have this ''SPECIAL'' tool set in the States?.............''NON''! I only know of 1 set which is State-side and it is sitting in one of my tool boxes there. I also have a set here. A must have for a bike shop or tool junky ''LIKE ME''!!!!!!!!!!

Any interest, let me know!..............Cost is about $ 135.-. It also comes with a crank puller and complete with a crank-arm Hilicoil set..........

Dale, sorry about the plug for this tool set....Just thought I'd let some of the list know that there is something out there...for...this...problem!

I love tools as much as I love old bikes...........This weeks catch, older bikes of course! (1) Moser/Campy NR. (2) Benotto 2500/Campy SR. (3) MERCKX, NR-SR.(4) RIH/Campy NR (5) Raleigh team pro with full chrome rear end and forks/Campy SR!

Off to bed I go!

Baron Corpuz............Holland!

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Subject: Re: [CR]Crank removal problem

> Kudos Jeff, I was too busy thinking about people mangling themselves to
> think of the obvious.
> The tool really works, but if the threads are toast then the chaser is no
> good. For
> those of you who are home wrenchers and swapmeet goers this is one of
> those "must have " tools. It's one of those tools that is a massive time
> saver when it's needed.
> enjoy,
> monkeylad
> aka Brandon Ives
> "Nobody can do everything, but if everybody did something everything would
> get done." Gil Scott-Heron
> On Mon, 14 May 2001, Jeff Slotkin wrote:
> > Surprised nobody's mentioned this, but there is a chaser available for
> > every thread on a bike,