RE: [CR]OT, Viruses and How We Get 'Em

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From: "Moos, Jerry" <>
To: 'M4Campy' <>
Subject: RE: [CR]OT, Viruses and How We Get 'Em
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 15:13:15 -0400

Well motivations vary. One of the most publicized recent viruses was an attachment purporting to contain photos of tennis star Anna Kournikova. For anyone who knows who Kournikova is, the motivation to open that attachment was obvoius. Suffice it to say that recipients probably imagined she was demonstrating something more inspiring than a backhand volley. Hackers have become expert at exploiting human nature.


Jerry "and I never did get to see the photos" Moos

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> So, can someone tell me a good reason to open an attachment you weren't
> expecting and whose origins are unknown?

Can't think of any but the problem with these newer breeds of worms is that they will appear to be _benign_ since they come from a trusted source and have some goody like w32.naked;)

For the most part they are written to take advantage of holes found in M$ Outlook e-mail clients and will propagate by send- ing to people in your personal address book with the subject, or body text that sound important ( a little social engineer- ing) or worse the newer ones morph the subject using a random generator so they are impossible for your ISP to filter based on that.

But, if your ISP filters message using aggressive techniques that can help. No vbs attachments, etc...

The main problem is that the guys in the antidote biz are al- ways going to be a step behind and with the Internet and bits moving so quickly sometimes the damage is done in a click;(

Since this did affect a few bike nuts I think everyone should take a look at the following web site for some excellent tips on practicing safe exe:

Also, for the morbidly curious check out the following sites:

Mike "Cough, why do I sense the Mac guys chuckling" Wilkinson