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On an article about the Cinelli type B that was first imported into Japan in 1958 , a Japanese famous framebuilder asserted that it was made with a torch and a hearth. He recognized that the large area of tubes were filed to remove the scale. He wrote Cinelli used torch and hearth till 1967-8 .
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> << Know your breed - see this article >>
> Thanks Bob for that scan...
> That is a neat albeit cursory report of the basics of British bike building
> of a bygone era..
> Interesting in a few areas; odd that they mention that specialty bikes use
> bronze and silver to allow a lower temperature.. apparently unaware that
> bronze and brass are the same and use the same temperature range. I wonder
> if and when the silver joining compound was used, was the open hearth method
> was utilized? Seems hard to imagine silver (if a decent percentage of actual
> silver) could be controlled in such a method. But no mention of hand held
> torches. Certainly some builders of the immediate post-war era advertised
> that they used silver; Harry Ferris comes to mind in the 1950s and Stan Pike
> later were known to use silver on their frames.
> That also raises the question in my mind if anyone still uses the open hearth
> "coal gas" method? Is it correct tom assume that the open hearth method was
> used by larger concerns doing higher production, and that the small, one man
> or so shops used hand held torchs? I have heard that Mercian is the last
> practitioner of the open hearth approach. Anyone know if that is still the
> case?
> And while we are wondering, I hear no mention of earlier Italian frame makers
> using the open hearth method. The Custom Bike book tends to categorize some
> of the builders interviewed as to methods and as I recall only British
> builders are identified as using the open hearth....
> Dale Brown
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