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Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 21:01:58 +0100

I rode my 1951 Flying Scot last night for the second time ever, and despite the initial discomfort due to the totally different geometry from my normal rider, what a fast bike. I was able to push far bigger gears, climb hills like never before and it was very forgiving on the rough road surface. Unfortunately a classic steel lightweight frame makes no impact on the local insect population, hardly a breath without ingesting a fly.

You can keep your Masi's

Russell Mowat

Irvine, Scotland

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> Flying Scot's, Flying Scot's Who mentioned Flying Scot's ?
> Nah - Why bother, I'm not in a mood for a fight (verbal) anyway - I'd lose !
> I could however raise the temperature / lower the tone by giving next weeks
> verbal diahorrea (sp?) topics due to appear on Ricki.... ;
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> (Tuesday) "Who Do you Think Your Foolin' ..... I'd gladly Pay $4m For
> Original Masi Toolin"
> (Wednesday) "B47 - Your Way Too Fat To Be A Model..... Your Butt Hide's So
> Big All We See Is Your Saddle"
> (Thursday) "Double Butted My Ass ?..... Just Plain Old Seamless Cro-mo"
> (Friday) "AVA Death Bars You Haven't Been In My Life For Years...Why Do You
> Want To Come Back Now ?"
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> Bob.