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Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 23:14:15 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]More Masi Mania I'm afraid and Roy Rogers

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<< less trail=quicker handling. requires more attention. more trail=slower handling. more stable. harder to turn. trail mix=a builder's trail measurement for the 'ideal'. trail ways=defunct bus company. long trail=decent ale. happy trails=roy roger's fork company salem witch trail=cigarette induced desire to burn those we disagree with. e-RICHIE

Hold on now, wait a minute, on Roy Rogers (classic content to follow).

I knew Roy Rogers, Roy Rogers was my sponsor from 1976-1979 and he didn't have no stinking Fork Company unless they were disposable plastic ones!

Roy Rogers was a singin cowboy, A Cherokee Indian Cowboy (!), An American (and good example generally for any place) Icon and Hero and genuine good guy, In the Fried Chickin and Roast Beef Business (My Division).

He let starvin racer types like myself and old pal Boyd Fasick train all day and serve drunks greasy burgers all night to earn enough for good tubulars and 300 gram rims for years and staffed his restaurants with managers that took pity on fools who had chain grease on their checkered shirts and sewup glue all over their cowboy hats.

A man for our time, RIP Roy.

Gilbert"What will have pardner, mind a dirty glass" Anderson, Oh a...Fries with that?

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