SV: [CR]Ever hear of a JPR seatpost?

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From: "Olof Stroh" <>
To: "Craig Sandvik" <>
Cc: <>
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Subject: SV: [CR]Ever hear of a JPR seatpost?
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 14:14:00 +0200

Craig Sandvik asked:
> I have a 26.6 seatpost, labeled "JPR" at the top
> and "Made in France by JPR" "81 04" at the bottom.
> 1981 would be right for the centurion it came
> with, so maybe "81 04" is a date. This is a
> 2-bolt post, with 2 allen bolts that enter
> from the *bottom* of the head and a clamp
> that clamps upwards, with the fixed support
> over the saddle rail.
> Curious about any history; especially any
> reputation for breakage.

Well, heard and heard...

I bought one 1982 from Grebart in Copenhagen who was at that time probably Denmarks most known bicycle shop, at least if you were into serious touring and such things. They were also sold by Cykelstallet in Stockholm which was the swedish equivalent to Grebart. They were french and regarded as good value being about half as expensive as a Nouvo Record or about the same as a Laprade. I have never seen anything else from them. Disappeared from the shops around 85-86, dunno what happened, I might ask the boys at Cykelstallet if they still remember...

I liked the design and it was easy to adjust, finish was nothing special. Used for fifteen years, lots of miles, no problem. There was a standard and a light (bicoloured) version, mine was the standard, but never heard anything bad about either.

For all it´s worth

Olof Stroh
Uppsala Sweden