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Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 12:46:49 EDT
Subject: Re: Fight pickin' ... Re: [CR]Quiet again

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<< The best work from custom work shops is commissioned by the buyer, not the builder. I would guess David Bohm and Richard Sachs best work came from their best customer (if you can define that) that was willing and able to pay for it. >>

Oh, boy! I get to start one! My best work-not highest quality but most elaborate and thought out-is for myself. My customers (with one exception) are not normally willing to spend the time and/or money for this sort of stuff. And I don't mean just work time but time spent defining just what you want. I've made nice bikes for customers but not as nice as my own because I really know just what I want. And it's very hard to draw that sort of thing out of a person because they may not know the range of choices available to him and the education process takes as long as building the bike. I like to do it but it's tough to get a customer to go along. Phil Brown