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Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 16:21:48 -0400

The team jersey and the bike color scheme (except for the stars) look very much like those in pictures of Lucian Van Impe. Was Boyer a teammate of Van Impe at LeJeune? I've also seen photos of Boyer on Gitane. Did Boyer move over to Gitane with Van Impe, who finally won the TdF for them, after failing to do so at LeJeune? The detailed frame photos are fascinating, definitely not a "real" LeJeune. Even someone who had never heard of Mario would conclude that this bike was Italian, not French.

I think Boyer deserves a lot more attention that he has received for paving the way for later American riders in European racing. I don't remember hearing him mentioned even once in connection with Lance's triumph in the TdF the last two years.


Jerry Moos

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Oops, miss-titled this last night: As promised this AM, here is a link to photos of the 4 LeJeune/Confente's built for Boyer. Also a post card of him on the bike these replaced these replaced. Boyer was very enthusiastic about the performance of these frames. (mapped) JFC