RE: [CR]Motobecane Grand Jubile on eBay - link this time

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From: "Randall Nelson" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Motobecane Grand Jubile on eBay - link this time
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 08:42:50 -0700

As an owner of several Grand Jubiles and Grand Records and LeChampions....Jerry is right on all counts below. While the components pretty much changed to Suntour when they went to Vitus 172, the ride of the Vitus 172 framsets is wonderfull if you are 150 lb or so. I replaced the fork on my 531 and it made a marked improvement..quite a pleasant ride actually. Cheers, Randy Nelson Seattle

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>Subject: RE: [CR]Motobecane Grand Jubile on eBay - link this time
>Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 11:10:07 -0400
>As an owner of multiple Motobecanes, I don't believe the Grand Jubilee was
>ever full 531. This bike was fourth in the line after Team Champion, Le
>Champion, and Grand Record. The top two were full 531 or (for a few years)
>Columbus. The Grand Record in most years was, based on its decals, a
>curious mixture of 531 butted main tubes and 531 forks, but unspecified
>stays (rather strange marketing decision, that). For several yars, the
>Grand Jubilee was, I believe, 531 butted main tubes, but neither stays nor
>forks were 531. In other years, I believe the Grand Jubilee was entirely
>Vitus. BTW, this bike has Stronglight 49D cranks and Huret Jubilee
>derailleurs and shifters, as opposed to the less expensive Japanese stuff
>later Grand Jubilees. Those alone should be worth more than the current
>Jerry Moos
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>Thanks for the link, Charlie. This looks to be a frame with 531 main
>tubes only, like my wife's Gitane Interclub. Wasn't the Grand Jubilee a
>full 531 bike? Geez, 30 miles east of Lansing is pretty close by, and it
>is pretty clean looking...
>Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)
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>Sorry, here's the link:
> > Folks:
> >
> > There is what appears to be a very low mileage Motobecane Grand Jubile
> > Seller does not want to ship. Anyone in the East Lansing MI area that
> > interested (or willing to be a go-between)? May go low given the no
> > restriction. Guesses as to frame size? 58cm?
> >
> > Charlie Young
> > too far from this bike (and already have an nearly identical one in
>56cm) in
> > Honeybrook, PA