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Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 08:51:00 -0400


My 1977/1978 Palo Alto catalog has two pages at the back of the catalog dedicated to their frames. In their verbage, they describe all the difficulties of ordering and buying a custom frame from EU. Then they go on to describe how they have setup a frame building shop in Palo Alto. They say that Tom Ritchey supervises otther "qualified professional frame builders." They made the frames in road and touring models, 7 sizes each from 19" to 25". The frames would be made in advance, then you would order your custom braze-on features and paint color. They would add the braze ons, paint to your color spec (9 choices of Du Pont Imron) and send her out to you. They would also do special order frames. All were built with Reynolds 531DB, Campy drop-outs, Prugnat lugs (on lugged frames - lugless was available too), round-oval-round chainstays. Lugged frames had a semi-flat fork crown, lugless a sloping crown. Lugged frames were silver soldered. There is also a chart showing specs for each of the standard frame sizes. Pricing was $250 for touring or racing. There is no chrome to be seen on these frames. Special order frames had an upcharge of $35 up to 25" and $65 for frames 25-28(wow!). The braze-ons had a price list to go with each also. There is no mention of them selling complete bikes. The only decals on the frames pictured are "PAB" on a diaginal slant on the headtube - I don't even see Reynolds decals on them! My 1976 catalog does not list frames so I assume they first became available in 1977/78.

Hope that's helpful.

Eric Elman Hoping to ride today - finally some sun in rain drenched Somers, CT

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Saw something odd on eBay, a Palo Alto Bicycle. Picture is terrible. I know the Palo Alto name as a high end catalog/shop seller in the late 70's early 80's from the Bay Area, but I don't recall them selling bicycles under their label. Does anyone have info on the Palo Alto frames? No relation to seller.

Tom Adams, Kansas City (No I don't need another bike, no, I don't need another ---)