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Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 15:52:58 EDT
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Something I picked out of a thread: DeRosa: First, I'd love to find a 55/56cm classic DeRosa - lugs, flat crown, SL, etc. (I seem to remember one in baby blue that caught my heart) to build - maybe as a fixed gear, or who knows. And, does anyone have any info on DeRosa's (hey, Chuck...)? I'd really like to find one - tho' not expensive. The Rivendell Road is my love.

Well, I found one - kinda: at a small shop outside of Richmond, VA is a 35th Anniversary De Rosa, 54 cm (tho' I haven't stood over yet - it looks a bit small for me, dammitall) with lots of Ugo's signature painted or engraved on frame and stem and it's all Campy Record, w/ tubulars. The owner said it's from ~ '92, tho' I wouldn't know. Anyone have any info - or if you are interested in the bike, then email me at: lshinesiii@aol.com.

gnarly, huh
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