Re: [CR]Hub gears with narrow spacing

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Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 18:03:35 -0400
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From: Sheldon Brown <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Hub gears with narrow spacing

Steve Freides wrote:
>Anyone know anything about the SRAM/Sachs Elan 12-speed Hub? I don't know
>when it was made but I understand it no longer is.

Right, they all busted. It was too wide for your application anyway.
>I see mention of it on:
>I'm looking for a hub gear with the narrowest possible spacing, and don't
>even care how many gears I end up with, so long as they're narrowly spaced,
>meaning no more than about 15% apart, preferrably half that.
>I ask here because I don't think such a thing is still made, at least not in
>spacing under 135mm. Please, all you hub gear afficiandos, educate me a
>little as to what may be out there in the used or new marketplaces that
>might do what I want. The bike for this is my Brompton which currently has
>a recent vintage S/A 3-speed. I think the ratios are move like 25-30%

The ratios are 3:4 and 4:3.

You might keep an eye out on eBay for an old Sturmey Archer FM, FC, AM, or AC hub. These were all made for 110 spacing, and were medium (FM, AM) and close (FC, AC) ratio. The "F"s were 4 speed, "A"s were 3 speed. See: and

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