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From: "Moos, Jerry" <>
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Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 09:13:35 -0400

Clive, Have you tried actually installing the SR rings? Some SR models had a 119 BCD circle, just 1mm smaller than Zeus. I have installed one of these an a Zeus crank, but it took considerable filing of the bolt hole and inner edge of the ring. It went on, but I would not recommend this. I believe there is some confusion in that, while most editions of Sutherland's list Zeus Criterium/ 2000 as 120 BCD, one edition I have lists it as 119, same as SR. I'm convinced that 120 is the correct circle for Zeus, while most of the SR stuff in question is 119, although, SR has over the years made such a variety of stuff, I guess I wouldn't rule out a 120 BCD SR as well.


Jerry Moos

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Hi to all,

There was another source of rings available for the Zeus.

SR (Japan) made some.

I know this because I recently purchased a job lot of Zeus stuff, included were several SR products and both 144 rings and 120 rings.

I will post some for sale in the near future when I have organised a list and concluded a deal with one of the list members.

All the best from Oz, Clive.