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Subject: Re: [CR]Early 70s Derosa on Ebay
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 18:38:58 -0700

Marc, it only amazes you because you're into bicycles. It would be like me, having been born and raised in Napa Valley and been in the wine industry for 25 years, saying that it always amazes me when people can't pronounce Sangiovese or Viognier or that they don't bother to tell me at what degree Brix the grapes were picked. Different points of reference.

John Dunn in Napa Valley

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> Jeeeez, it always ceases to amaze me what parts people forget to take pictures of. I would have liked to see the fork crown, bb
> shell, dropouts, chainstays, and other frame details. A few things bother me about the accuracy of the claimed vintage: I
> believe the stem to be of a later vintage, and that seat stay cap doesn't seem like one from '73. Anybody have a +/- '73 De Rosa
> to corroborate these details?
> In his description he comments, "Also notice the unusual heart-shaped design of the derailleur." That's pretty funny. He's
> either very naive (nothing wrong with that), or deliberately trying to act naive, so as to avoid responsibility.
> Marc Boral
> wrote:
> > #1149026676
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> > Appears to be about 59-60cm to me. Nice pantographed chainring, stem & seatpost. Too big for me.
> >
> > Lou Deeter, Orlando "moving into the new home today--hoping the 25 bike boxes (with 10 bikes and wheels) survived the move!!!"