[CR]Re: Open-ended stays and forks

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From: "Aldo Ross" <swampmtn@siscom.net>
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Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 16:32:08 -0400
Subject: [CR]Re: Open-ended stays and forks

Several of the pre-war racers at the BMA have open seat stays, chain stays, fork ends. They look dangerously sharp and cookie-cutter-ish... no fun in a crash.

Aldo Ross

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From: Joseph Bender-Zanoni

> Not filling the tube end at the dropout is an acceptable building

\r?\n> technique. It is not well executed on the Peugeot but it is not a brazing

\r?\n> flaw. Leaving the stays and fork blades open is not a common technique but

\r?\n> some superlight projects do it and that is also the way Pop Brennan

\r?\n> finished the fork ends. Many Pop Brennans do not have caps on the tops of

\r?\n> the seat stays either. Makes it easy to use Frame Saver!


\r?\n> Any comments from builders and any other marques that do not fill the fork

\r?\n> end connections?


\r?\n> Joe