Re: [CR]Bottle cage clamps

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From: "Dennis Ryan" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Bottle cage clamps
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 18:09:24 -0400

Our pal Mike at Bicycle Classics has downtube clamps, if that helps:

TA aluminum hardware set to mount conventional water bottle cage on the downtube. Nice bolts and nuts in aluminum. $ 5

Minoura makes a nice adaptor for mounting a cage on the bars -- single and double-cage models, too. I think Sheldon's got 'em.

BTW I recently dug out a cage and bottle I used 20 years ago, and was surprised to see they were TA. Cage still in fine shape, but bottle gone sour long ago. Looks nice, though.

Dennis Ryan, Louisville KY 95 degrees F, but at least it's drier

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Ron, et al.:

My preference, if you can find them, is the handlebar-mount TA cages. They're pretty (the Nitto Touring cage is a TA clone), and you don't have to worry about scarring the paint when the cage is clamped to the bar. I also find the location more convenient.

BTW, I have a couple NOS TA cages sans clamps, if anyone knows of a better-looking clamp than an automotive heater hose worm clamp. The TA clamps appear rarely on eBay, and sell for more than I paid for the cages!

Chris Beyer Bloomfield, NJ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Ron Cooley wrote:

> Classicists:
   > What's the preferred cage clamp for frames without braze ons? I'm
   > using some unbearably ugly chrome steel things on my Falcon. Is there
   > something nice looking that's also period correct (or at least in the
   > vintage spirit)?
   > Ron
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