Re: [CR]Report from Orlando Now Reliability

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Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 13:56:17 -0700
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From: Joseph Bender-Zanoni <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Report from Orlando Now Reliability
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I really don't think the new equipment is any less reliable with the exception of chains. What may have declined is people's ability to maintain their own machines or know when something is not right. On the other hand I never saw broken chains on the side of the road until the 9 speed era. Chains and cogs have been pushed to the limit but that is what people want.


At 05:29 PM 7/1/01, stephen a. solombrino wrote:
> When people give me a hard time about my old stuff, I tell them I never
>had the need to upgrade in the last 30 years. The funny thing is most of
>these guys get to look at my stuff as I stop by the side of the road to see
>if they need help. The new stuff seems to break down if my count of
>stranded road riders is correct. Steve (still wondering if this stuff wears
>out) Solombrino
>>Subject: [CR]Report from Orlando
>>Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 12:22:20 EDT
>>Having finally settled in, I ventured out yesterday to ride with the 'big
>>boys'. There is a group of about 100 riders who gather on Sat & Sun
>>mornings, mostly local racers & triathletes. I think I was the only over
>>person there. I showed up on my red Masi Prestige. Got lots of gawkers,
>>the best line was, with about 20 people around, one of the guys says, "wow,
>>Campy Record parts! When you going to upgrade that frame, man?" I think
>>that said it all. Looking around, I didn't see a single confirmed steel
>>frame there, unless a Bianchi Giro is steel--it was the closest thing to
>>steel that I saw. So, today I went back with my lugged Spectrum steel
>> Again, lots of gawkers--almost like going to a racing event in an antique
>>car. Geez... I'm getting old. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL.