Re: [CR]RE: WTB 5-spd freewheel...

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Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 09:03:03 -0400
From: Jerry & Liz Moos <>
To: kevin weitzel <>
Subject: Re: [CR]RE: WTB 5-spd freewheel...
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Yes, one misses a lot by using the inferior French garbage. Like none of those stylish little cracks on the spider of Campy cranks, no laboring up hills in a 42 x 24 because NR cranks wouldn't take 40T ring like Stronglight and you didn't want to spend the time adjusting chain length to get an NR derailleur to wrap a 28T cog, unlike Simplex rears that wrap more chain.. No 15 minutes of bliss adjusting a Campy NR seatpost when a Simplex post can be adjusted in 30 seconds. No powering up hils on the 13T cog because the Campy shift lever has slipped into high gear, unlike Simpex retrofrictins that never slipped. Viva Campy!


Jerry Moos

kevin weitzel wrote:
> Dude(Eric),
> I could be absolutely wrong, but I believe the only freewheels offered on
> Raleighs in 1974 were Maillard and Regina(Upper End Only). I also believe
> the upper end bikes were 6-speed and not 5-speed. But again, I could be
> incorrect in my recollection. I do have a period correct Maillard Normandy
> 14 X 28 5-speed freewheel.(Like New) I would prefer to get rid of the
> Stronglight TS Crankset and Simplex Deraileurs and Shifters with it
> though(Like New). I personally think that anything other than Campy is
> crap... especially the obviously inferior garbage from France. I thought
> this set was sold, but the buyer flaked out. Caio 4 now, Kevin Weitzel
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