[CR]Introduction and ethical question

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From: John_Squires@ew.com
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 10:43:29 -0400
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Introduction and ethical question

It's time for a brief introduction and a question. I've been reading the list a few weeks and enjoying posts on all matters Confente, Simplex and miscellaneous oddities. I ride a Waterford 2200 except
       for my weekly 90 mile commute to and from New York City on a highly
       modified RB1 with SNS joints (to foil building security guards). I'm
       presently restoring a '76 Masi GC and I will soon be selling a Masi
       Nova Strada which I've owned since new in 1985. Herein lies my
       question: Should members of the CR list have any stated goals (is
       "ethics" too strong a word?) for representing a bicycle for sale?
       Like it or not, many new collectors are not only learning lightweight
       bicycle history through the list but also auction and sales behavior.
       My Masi looks beautiful, and I can certainly take photos that show its
       best advantage and omit the fact that there's road rash on the rear
       derailleur; or that the front derailleur and bottom bracket are
       mismatched (that Angelina Jolie protrusion wouldn't fool you old
       pros). Is the standard simply "buyer beware" or is there be a greater
       test for list members who have such extensive knowledge of the
       products they sell? What's necessary in a bicycle's description
       beyond the obvious particulars about size? More important, what's
       appropriate? And though some will certainly disagree, I think any
       such standard should hold off the list as well.
       John Squires