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Follis made bikes of the camping and rando persuasion as recently as ten years ago. A friend of mine lived in France for a year and graced me with a few issues of "Cyclotourisme" and another magazine upon returning. David Feldman

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> Follis apparently built some rando bikes back when - one of the drawings in
> the Data Book has a bike with what appears to my eye to be a Follis
> headbadge.
> A gentleman named Scott rides one here in the Greenwood area. His has been
> repainted a couple of times, the original fork was trashed in a crash, the
> bottom bracket shell broke - but he likes it enough that he took it to Mary
> Pfeiffer for a new BB shell, some braze-on updates and a paint job. The
> bike was one that was originally full Campy, full 531 tubing.
> Scott's also our fastest guy - he rode the Savannah Century last year on
> that bike, turning in 4:07. I'm glad he did - I like reminding our
> modernist wing that they got beat by a guy on a 25-year-old French bike with
> friction shifting ...
> Russ Fitzgerald
> Greenwood SC