Re: [CR]Varnish Decals??? Varnish NOT RECOMMENDED

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Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 13:47:54 -0700
From: Jim Allen <>
Cc: scott davis <>, "" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Varnish Decals??? Varnish NOT RECOMMENDED
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Steve's description below of the Raliegh decals was true only for Raliegh's decals.

The varnish is not used to topcoat the decals. It is used as the adhesive to hold the decals to the frame. The excess varnish around the decal is then removed. The only time the varnish is seen is when the last coat of ink on the decal is clear and extends beyond the colored ink on the decal and is only seen on light colored frames in that instance.

Varnish when applied correctly is a very tenacious glue, the decals won't come off easily once it has dried.

Brian's description of the application of the decal is very good, and you SHOULD take him up on his offer of some scrap decals to try first.


Jim Allen wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> I am not sure that you want to go with clear varnish or varnish decals
> because they varnish changes color over time and discolors the original
> decals. Water transfer decals may be a better choice...
> I own Raleigh frames where the decals became ruined over time (30 years)
> because the factory clear varnish dulled the paint finish and weakened
> the decals. Any attempt to remove the varnish removed the decals also.
> Clear varnish for a topcoat is circa 50s - 70s and better paints that
> can be custom matches and topcoats are currently available if this is
> going to be a complete repaint. However, it depends on how close to
> the original you want to get...
> Regards, Steve Neago
> aka Questor
> scott davis wrote:
> > I'm restoring an old Benotto and would appreciate any
> > suggestions for applying varnish decals, including the
> > best type of varnish for this. Thanks Scott