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Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 09:29:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: scott davis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Gipiemme Parts
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--- THOMAS ADAMS <> wrote:

> I'm nearing completion on the latest project, a Trek

> 710 Brevet style resto, and was sighing in relief

> that I didn't have anything else to eat up my time

> and money. Then I started clearing out the parts

> boxes and found a set of Gipiemme hubs Jeremy had

> given me, along with a set of Gipiemme brake

> calipers gotten off eBay a while ago on a whim. (Who

> can see where this is going?)


> Lets see, Baron Corpuz has Gipiemme derailers and a

> head set for sale at Renaissance Cycles. Hmm, that

> leaves only brake levers, a crank set, seat post and

> pedals for a complete grouppo. Alas, a new project

> is born.


> Any info on Gipiemme appreciated, especially any

> racing or team sponsorship history. Were there any

> bike manufacturers, frame makers or teams that used

> Gipiemme as original parts? Anyone with any of the

> above needed parts available for sale or trade? I'd

> especially appreciate a 172.5 or 175 mm crankset.

> Any suggestions on an appropriate frame?


> Any experience with the parts? Were Gipiemme good

> copies of Campy, poor copies or original designs?

> The derailers will be the rebadged Simplex versions,

> so we're also supporting French #$%&! at the same

> time. In fact, I have French Campy BB cups lying

> around somewhere, so a French frame would be cool!

> Anyone with a line on a pink 531 Mercier in 62 cm?

> I have a Gipiemme crankset. The bb and the cranks
are definitely Campy NR/SR quality. Did Campy
manufacture these? Scott


> Tom Adams, somebody stop me in Kansas City.