Re: [CR]Re: OFF TOPIC: tinkling sound repair problem

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Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 14:36:45 -0400
From: Chris Beyer <>
To: "Roy H. Drinkwater" <>
Cc: classic list <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: OFF TOPIC: tinkling sound repair problem
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My .02, based on very recent experience:

I doubt it's the chain; my spaceframe M*****n didn't make this noise at any time during a 25-mile ride to work this AM (no pun intended). It has 9-speed 2x9 gearing. Probably Divine Retribution for having the temerity to own a bike not made of steel.

Classic content? uuuuh......several other listmembers (including the Listmeister) own bikes with this nameplate, and the builder/designer has been at it since the early '60s.

Chris Beyer Little Wheels R Fun Bloomfield, NJ

"Roy H. Drinkwater" wrote:
> >"what did you expect, buying a new bike that is sort of
> >brushed silvery color that starts with the letter 'L'?")--ANYWAY
> >
> >it makes a tinkling sound--erratic, here and there, almost always under
> >stress or load (on hills and sprints) and is getting worse. we have tried:
> >lubing the bottom bracket, checking the cables, changing the chain rings,
> >truing the wheels, etc--STILL, that pesky almost shoe lace-in-the-spokes
> >sound that just won't go away.
> A couple of ball bearings stuck in the top tube by a
> disgruntled retro-grouch?
> Roy "take this ti & shove it, I ain't riding it no more" Drinkwater
> Lititz "now it's sprinkling", PA