RE: [CR]Place of Super Course in Raleigh Heirarchy

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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 07:26:49 -0700
From: Warren Tang <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Place of Super Course in Raleigh Heirarchy
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I once owned a 1974 SuperCourse, purchased new in 1974. I believe the SuperCourse was in the lower-middle end of the product range. Yes, it was the first model in the range to be built with Reynolds 531, but only the 3 main tubes, using straight gauge tubing. My bike was coffee brown with excellent paint, but sloppy pinstriping around the ornate Nervex lugs. My family was not well off in those days, but my father wanted to please me, so he agreed to buy me a Raleigh that I always wanted, but we had to select one within our budget. At $159.00, the SuperCourse was in the right price range. The frame geometry was touring, with a long wheelbase, rack eyelets, and 27 inch wheels. Components were: Simplex derailleurs, Stronglight cottered steel cranks, Weinmann long reach center-pull brakes(999), Brooks B-15 "Champion Narrow" seat, el-cheapo steel seatpost, Normandy hubs, Atom (rat-trap) pedals, and Hutchinson gumwall tires. I really wanted the higher end models with the better components, but I figured that I could upgrade the parts later, but at least I got a "real" 531 frame.

Anyway, enough rambling... you see why my current bike is a Raleigh Team USA. My fondness for Raleigh bikes goes back a long way.

San Francisco