Re: [CR]Spokes question (Wheel questions?)

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Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 15:15:17 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Spokes question (Wheel questions?)

Thanks for all info and advise from Joe, Rick, and others regarding Wheel questions.

I have been disassembling a few pairs of vintage wheels lately for rebuilts, then come up for more questions;

1) Can you reuse spokes and nipples? When I saw damages (particularly at rear-right where chian scrached as it came off from freewheel), I would not consider to reuse them.

2) How do you determine a "correct tention" of spokes? Some are so tight, and you can not squeeze even 1/4" at middle portion of (close to parallel pair) area, yet some you can easily squeeze 3/4" or so.

3) Is it all right to use 14-17 gauge and alloy nipples for restorations of 1960's bike, although there was not such spokes were available then??

4) About hub, some were laced more than once, but some I can see done once by looking at holes carefully, then should I insert spokes in the same way as before, or try to reverse them so load (tension) for new set pull the other way?

Additions to question 4), I have seen some hubs laced so many times, yet I have not seen holes broken(or gave) away, can anyone tell when to stop re-using them? It takes a lot of time and finger labor to work on wheels, I rather be riding but someone have to fix wheels to ride!

Thanks in advance for wonderful answers!

KEN TODA, over the hill rider looking for perfect wheels, in High Point, NC