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From: "Russ Fitzgerald" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Malvern Star
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 08:13:21 -0400

David Benson asks -

>Does any one on the list know anything about Malvern Star?

If you cruise into the Australian bikes link at Dale's site you'll see a couple of Malvern Stars there ... the direct link to the Malvern star pages at the Canberra Museum doesn't seem to work, but if you click on the Canberra Museum general site, it will take you to their collection. Really nice stuff, and good information is there, too.
>I have a 22" frame, serial number 9A840 stamped on RH top of BB shell.
>The BB shell is marked Made in England GR23, excatly the same as the
>sandcast bottom braccket featured in Rivendell Reader #21. The BB shell
>spigots have been shaped , but differently to the shell in RR.
>Front dropouts have a single eyelet. Rear tips are rearward facing,
>about 1/8" thick, with undrilled eyelets.
>The headset races fit into cups which are part of the headlugs
>Can anyone tell me what I have, how old etc.
>I bought this frame from a second hand shop in New Zealand in 1978. My
>brother and I built it into a ten-speed for him to make his racing
>debut. For the last 20 years it has sat at my parents place- we're one
>of those families that don't chuck anything away.

Conversion to derailleur operation seems to have happened to several of these bike, and lots of cool older British iron as well - even Scottish bikes, as our dear Bob Reid's Flying Scot site will attest.

I will confess to being envious - being part of "one of those families that don't chuck anything away" has its benefits when family holdings include cool old bikes ...

Russ Fitzgerald Greenwood SC