Re: [CR]brake hood ID?

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Subject: Re: [CR]brake hood ID?
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 14:55:19 -0400

These soft rubber hood covers were a product of the color-hungry early 1980s. Remember spumanti paintjobs, and Pepto-Bismal Pink racing bikes?

My shop sold hundreds of them, and they were inexpensive enough that people would install a fresh pair or diffrerent colors several times a year

A'me is still around, but I've read that the molds for their Modolo/Campagnolo/DiaCompe racing hoods were scrapped.

Aldo Ross (hood covers to match your Benotto tape?) Monroe, Ohio

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From: Joseph Bender-Zanoni
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> Those are probably red "Modolo Style" hoods made by Ame which made many
> types of aftermarket hoods in different colors. They only apeear to be
> available now in off colors like hot pink. I find them by checking old type
> bike stores with dusty stock going back into the 70s. They are not too hard
> to find and the rubber seems to hold up better than the gum types in storage.
> I often wonder what happened to this company and their all important molds.
> Unfortunately the packaging does not indicate anything about what Ame was.
> I think they were concerned about copying designs.


> Joe