[CR]2002 Cirque du Cyclisme dates and info

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Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 11:42:28 EDT
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Subject: [CR]2002 Cirque du Cyclisme dates and info

A few folk missed my earlier references to this so I thought I would give a it more conspicuous plug!

Announcing the fourth annual CIRQUE du CYCLISME Saturday & Sunday, May 4 & 5, 2002 Greensboro, North Carolina

Last year you, the Classic Rendezvous folk, were the only ones clued into the Saturday happenings, an insiders affair so to speak!. These events, informal ride, seminars and evening social, were by most reports well received. For 2002, we will open those events up to a broader audience and host the first official theme for the Cirque, that being "British Vintage Bicycles."

Saturday's events will include:

- a AM ride to allow sightseeing and conversation amongst the attendees with special consideration for out-of-towners.

- Seminars starting about noon until around 5 PM (!) including at least three expert visitors from the UK. Displays will be arranged to illustrate the various topics.

- An evening informal social gathering at a local watering hole.

Sunday's events will follow previous years (with further refinement hopefully!) including:

- the large organized ride (possibly with a charitable connection this time)

- The swap meet open to all sorts of cycling goods

- and the Vintage bicycle show and (gentle) competition.

I want to mention that this bike show is philosophically inclusive rather than exclusive. We want to encourage the appreciation of old bikes and therefore purposely do not offer a "Concours" setting. Only a handful of individuals could seriously enter a Concours and the local club hosts feel that that is not a broad enough focus. Needless to say we attract some beautiful and sophisticated machines, but we aim at a more diverse grouping than the elite...

Thus far the CIRQUE is attracting truly international interest with attendees now coming from Britain, France and Canada, and around the USA. Details for the best lodgings and announcements of new locations will be forthcoming as soon as they are decided...

This will be an exciting and almost historical gathering that you will not want to miss. Now is the time to start petitioning the spouse and boss for that long weekend off! Please contact me directly with any ideas, problems and offers to be part of Cirque staff that weekend....Can't wait to see you all then!

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina <A HREF="http://www.classicrendezvous.com/main.htm">Classic Rendezvous</A>