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Can you please post in the forum?

I have been talking with Chuck Schmidt and John Pergolizzi about establishing a Confente owners list. Chuck has graciously offered to post the list on his web site. I will compile the information. Email to me at Accisrwh@aol.com or russell.howe@ps.ge.com

Here is my idea on what should be included.

Here is my idea on what should be included.

1. Serial # 2. Frame size - size stamped on BB. Include measurements in centimeters of seat tube and top tube (center to center) 3. Color of frame - original color, color now if repainted, who did the repaint 4. Additional features - eg: engraved chainrings, spade cutout shifters, engraved stem, brake lever cutouts, rear derail. cable routing through chainstay etc. 5. History - who is the original owner, background of owner, any other previous owners, current owner.

Thanks, Russ >>

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