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Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 14:25:44 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR] For sale List 3/1/02
From: Hilary Stone <>
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Latest list of parts for sale to CR members. All items are priced in $. Shipping will be extra charged at cost. Enquire for actual cost if you like before deciding. Photographs can be emailed if required. Payment can be made in cash with dollars or by money order in Pounds sterling ($1.45 to 1 GBP). American Express Travellers cheques are also fine. Regards Hilary Stone

MAFAC RACER BRAKESET - this is the Dural Forge earlier type. These are in very good condition and are complete with very good levers. A new set of straddle wires will be supplied. $85

HURET COMPETITION DERAILLEUR c1948 NOS from about 1948. It is in perfect condition and comes complete with the twin lever. One lever changes gear whilst the other adjusts the chain tension. This is not a common derailleur and would make a great addition to any late 40s road bike. It bolts to the rear dropout. $95

GB VENTOUX HANDLEBARS NOS These excellent condition 39cm wide NOS GB bars feature beautiful GB engraving and a map of Great Britain on the centre bulge. $55

CAMPAGNOLO RECORD BRAKE LEVERS EARLY STYLE Offered for sale are a very good pair of early style Campagnolo Record brake levers. They are complete with a pair of Ame black rubber hoods which are not cracked but are a bit worn. One of the levers has a part of the anodising worn off but the anodising could easily be redone. The levers are the early style with squared off ends to the lever blades. $45

HARDEN SMALL FLANGE GEAR SIDED HUBS 32/40H drilling The small flange variety of Harden hubs are the rarest version. These are in excellent condition with perfect threads. Exceptionally rare and much better for use with 26in rims than the large flange type. $165

CONTINENTAL PATTERN REYNOLDS BARS Offered for sale are an excellent pair of Continental shape aluminium bars made by Reynolds. This shape is really quite rare and features a very slight rise from the centre section with a deeper drop than normal. This pair are 17in (43cm wide) (c-to-c). They are in excellent condition with very few marks. $45

CAMPAGNOLO DOUBLE CABLE GUIDE NOS Offered for sale is a perfect NOS Campagnolo double cable guide for both the front and rear derailleurs on the down tube with World logo. It is complete with the correct nut and bolt. $12

LYOTARD MB23 MARCEL BERTHET PEDALS These are in good condition. The chrome has some marks and some small amounts of pitting but nothing serious. The bearings feel very smooth. The spindles are the older style with two flats. These are one of the most comfortable pedals for use with toeclips and straps ever made and are great on racing or touring bikes from the 1950s onwards. British threaded. $30

CHRISTOPHE OLD STYLE LOGO TOECLIPS used, one is practically perfect but the other has worn chrome and pitting to the area where the shoe rests together with a little pitting elsewhere. Long but are not marked. $15 Also a similar pair in generally good condition but with a few small areas of pitting Medium length. $15

BROOKS B17 COMPETITION SADDLE probably 60s no badge on rear (and appears to have never had one. Leather is in generally good condition, not stretched but with quite a few minor marks. This is the version with the short nose and smallish copper rivets and no saddlebag loops. A pair of Cyclo saddle bag loops has been fitted to the rails. $35

UNIT BOTTOM BRACKET made by TDC. NOS. This is identical to the Bayliss Wiley unit bottom bracket that is fitted to the plain unthreaded bottom bracket shells as used on Thanet Silverlights and some Paris Galibiers. Rare and can also be used in a bottom bracket where the threads are stripped. Perfect and complete with axle for a cottered double chainset. $45

BAYLISS WILEY L/FLANGE DOUBLE FIXED HUB NOS Offered for sale is a boxed NOS Bayliss Wiley Continental large flange double fixed hub (flip-flop). It is the earlier pattern dating from the late 1940s or early 1950s with just four holes per flange. Perfect condition. $65

CELLULOID COVERED SEMI DROP BARS NOS 1930s This is a NOS pair of Celluloid covered bars from the late 1920s through to the later 30s and as fitted to many good quality British Clubmen┬╣s and touring lightweight bikes. The celluloid is in excellent condition with no splits or major marks. There are a few very minor marks. $45

CAMPAGNOLO SUPER RECORD HEADSET (English threaded) in excellent condition. The bearing surfaces are only lightly worn. The aluminium locknut is almost unmarked as are all the cups and adjusting race. There are no ball retainers. $45

SIMPLEX DOUBLE RINGSET NOS 51/46T perfect chrome complete with adaptors for continental pattern 3-arm chainsets. $45

PLAYERS CYCLING CIGARETTE CARD SET 1939 Very clean copy with a complete set of cards which details cycling history from von Drais in 1817 right through to 1939 including recumbents from the 1930s. This set is in excellent condition - no rusty staples or badly stuck in cards. They would make an ideal xmas pressie. $35

ZEUS GOLD FREEWHEEL 14-28T NOS NIB It is in perfect unmarked condition. British threaded. $35

GB SPEARPOINT ALUMINIUM STEM 8cm Very good condition with no major marks $35 Also a similar one 11cm with a couple of very minor marks $35

DOUBLE HANDLEBAR MOUNT BOTTLE CAGE chrome wire and strip, no clips and chrome is quite rusty $20

COLORAL BOTTLE CORK NOS Offered for sale is a NOS silver topped Coloral bottle cork with two drillings for the drinking tube. Excellent and rare. $15