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Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 20:14:42 -0500
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Subject: Re: [CR]52-42 cranks and classic clusters

>Garth Libre pointed out:
>>Modern race bikes are not only ugly <snip>... because of triple
>>cranks and long cage rear derailleurs. Those are just touring

"_Just_" touring bikes?!? To me, the touring bike has always represented the pinnacle of bicycle design! I find them much more interesting than mere racing toys.

H. Drinkwater wrote:
> A few years ago when I wanted to get back into biking, I
>would stop at bike shops and asked if they had any "old fart racing
>bikes" They would ask what those were, and I'd reply that they were
>race frames with triples and wide rear clusters. "Nah, they don't
>make those... wouldn't sell" This was before Campagnolo came out
>with the racing triple...

I don't stock anything with an even number of chainwheels, and can't recall when I last sold a bike so-equipped.

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