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Subject: RE: [CR]re: 70s Colnago f/f on ebay
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 15:19:15 -0500
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Pretty cool frame, at any rate. Reminds me of the very first Colnago I ever saw - Steve's bike shop in Dayton, Ohio. Mid 1970's. hanging from the ceiling next to several Bob Jackson frames, the Colnago just looked much more purposeful, to my eye. Much "cleaner", with no "fluff". A serious looking bike! I think the bike I remember was even this same color. Cool. Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)

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this auctioned colnago was typical 72/73 vintage. many like this stayed in europe and didn't come through the u.s. distribution system. this exact paint scheme was used by the g.s. leone amateur team in italy in 1972 and '73; orange, minmal black graphics. no 'extra' colors laced
in to the decal art.
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