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Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2002 00:01:05 -0800
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: How about some Cilivity?? [CR]Welcome to the Ken Denny Forum...
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While your note wasn't addressed to me, since it concerns me I thought I would respond.

I apologize for the tone of the post, but not the content. I think if a Masi frame is stamped with a city code for Verona (V) and the invoice states that it was built in Milan, then the invoice is in error otherwise the frame would be stamped with the city code for Milan (M).

It does not make sense to think otherwise, does it?

Regards, Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena, California
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> Dale-
> I don't get it. It seems like this Chuck Schmidt has some kind of beef with
> Ken Denny. Are we abandoning civility for this "special" case? I for one
> don't believe these kind of flame exchanges reflect well for the CR List.
> Plenty Cold Enough Already in Cut Bank MT.
> Dave Anderson
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> In a message dated 1/5/02 5:44:43 PM PST, writes:
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> > (cut) I also have a
> > masi with a "V" stamped in the BB shell and on the steerer. To many, the
> > assujmption would be that the frame was built in Verona - funny thing is
> that it
> > was built at the Vigorelli shop (according to the invoice) and it does NOT
> have
> > the three holes.
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> I guess I don't understand the point of the above about "congfente (sic)
> touches" (Ken, fur krist sakes, use your spelchek).
> A Masi from Verona has to have three holes? Mario Confente never built
> a Masi without three holes? A Masi built in Verona is not stamped with
> a "V"? A bike from Vigorelli (in Milan) is not stamped "M" for Milan,
> but "V" for Vigorelli? I would accept as fact that the letter stamped
> on a Masi indicates the city it was built in.
> Let's see. Which would I believe? The letter stamped into the steel of
> a bottom bracket with a steel die, or an invoice? I pick what's stamped
> on the bike frame and not what is typed on the invoice!
> Free Ken??? The guy is running loose on the streets of Boston as we speak!!!
> Chuck Schmidt
> SoPas, SoCal
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> Ken Denny wrote:
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> > (cut)
> > Please feel free to share my comments with your CR group.
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> Isn't this interesting? Ken is currently subscribing to the list with
> another hotmail account alias (after being kicked off the CR list three
> times), and he asks another member of the list to share his comments
> with "your CR group?"
> Strikes me as odd I guess...
> Chuck Schmidt
> South Pasadena, Southern California