Re: [CR]Help with '50s vintage Dawes restoration

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Subject: Re: [CR]Help with '50s vintage Dawes restoration
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 15:54:36 -0500

I think I've found a local enthusiast to help with the restoration of this machine.

Thanks to all who replied.

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From: "Ed Braley"
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Subject: [CR]Help with '50s vintage Dawes restoration

> A Friend of mine inherited her father's old Dawes road bike and wants to put
> it back into servicable and presentable condition.
> The bike is a mid to late fifties model; full 531 frame tubes, Huret Alvit
> rear derailleur, Benelux suicide front derailleur, Scandia 3 pin chrome
> cottered crank, Solite hubs, Hinduminium brakes, etc. All gear that predates
> my knowledge and interest in the sport.
> The paint is all original but quite oxidized, the chrome plating on the stem
> and crank arms is rusted and peeling, and the paint needs a thorough
> cleaning. And everything needs an overhaul to make it serviceable again.
> I very reluctantly agreed to take on the renewal of this old steed last
> spring, but am finding that I have neither the time or enthusiasm for the
> task. At this point, I would like to find someone more interested and
> capable of doing a respectable job, but I'd like to try to get a sense for
> the cost of such a renewal. I can shoot some high resolution images to send
> out to anyone seriously interested in this undertaking.
> I'll gladly entertain any suggestions or offers and welcome list members to
> contact me off-list with same.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ed Braley
> Falmouth, Maine.