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Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 09:00:32 EST
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<< I happened upon your website today. Fantastic for us over-the-hill has-beens (or in my case never-was). Question. I didn't see a Reynolds 531 Professional sticker in the Reynolds tubing section. I have an Austro-Daimler Ultima (57 cm, chrome, Mavic 500-gruppo-equipped) that I rescued from the back of a local bike shop years ago that has these stickers on it. Can you give me some info on the tube set by chance? >>

I am not sure the exact composition of that tube set... My impression at that time was that this set was more robust than the light SL set but lighter than the other options offered in 531. Of course 753 was out by that time too, so maybe one of the members of the Classic Rendezvous mailing list can address this more specifically

I am copying you inquiry to that list, and you can see their responses by joining here!

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