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Who can forget Patrick Brady declaring the Mondonico built, Torelii Nitro Express (I'm not making this up), EL-OS, lugged / pinned, bike the "best steel bike I have ever ridden", or something very close to that? The neat thing about that was Patrick further declaring steel to be his numero uno material of choice for a bike frame. Does seem like a nice bike, but that name.., Nitro Express??!! That would be the first decal I would take off. Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)

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I have a 2000 EL OS model with full Campagnolo Record group. The wheelset is conventionally spoked with tubular rims (Torelli Dominator made by Ambrosio. It is made with the Columbus Nivachrom EL OS tubing, has the wishbone seatstays, and nicely executed lugwork (pinned). Sizing/fitting was done by Kyle of Cycles BiKyle in Bryn Mawr, PA

Light and rides like a dream.

Charlie Young Honeybrook, PA
> Several friends own Mondonicos and love them
> I think they were fitted by someone from the Mondonico who apparently comes
> to the states from Italy once a year.
> Does anyone on the list own one?
> I'd like to get their opinions on the bike.
> cheers
> scott goldstein
> los angeles
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